How to produce foods with best quality by machine?

The ultimate goal of Hundred Machinery is to provide the finest solution to fulfill clients’ expectations. Over 20 years, Hundred Machinery have spared no efforts to provide machines that can produce efficiently while maintaining the handmade quality. To accomplish this mission, we never stop our paces in improving and innovating the function and performance of our machines.

麵粉 滿桌美味食物

Who We Help?

From bakery brands, central kitchen of restaurants, prestigious chain stores to international food suppliers, Hundred Machinery assists clients who require product development, automatic food production and complete production line construction.

What we do?

One-stop solution – Product Development
First Class Services – Your satisfaction is our top priority.

One-stop Solution We don’t just make machines; we make your business thrive.

Need ideas for hit products?Need advises for formulations?We got the dream team devoted to meeting your wants by overall planning.
The purpose of machine investment is to develop new products, to update for automation and to pursue larger yield. Unlike traditional equipment suppliers, Hundred Machinery thinks out of the box.
Stuffed Food Product Development
Combining the upstream and downstream of food making industry, we integrate our equipment with prestigious international food suppliers to build up efficient production lines. The member of our dream team including prestigious ingredient suppliers, experienced artisan bakers, and reliable components suppliers. Working as a team, we developed new products that can be successfully produced by our equipment. Without investing time and energy on developing a new product, we can carry out the difficult tasks for you.
From shapes, fillings, wrappers, flavors and textures to packaging designs, we studied recipes to offer you product development services for optimal results. To produce a product that has never been made by a machine, we conducted countless tests to compose suitable recipe for production.
Through constant optimization and innovation, we increase your capacity with the help of machine without changing the original flavor.
Hundred Machinery provides tailored solutions with our multifunctional machine to reach the most cost-effective goal.


First Class Services
Your satisfaction is our top priority.

To provide the most enjoyable environment and meticulous care for clients around the world, Hundred Machinery invested 2.5 billion New Taiwan dollars to construct a brand new headquarter in Tainan. Taking up to 9,917 square meters, the headquarter equipped with high-end facilities and first class production line.
Clean and modern, our factory, warehouse and display room strictly follow safe regulations to control the quality of production and service.
Showing our sincerity with five-star reception, we aim to create the best experience for every visitor.


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