Can I see how the machine works in person?


Of course. You are welcomed to visit our factory along with your ingredients for free trial run. Professional technicians of technical support department will assist the operation throughout the process. Our technicians can make adjustment and consultation according to the needs of food products and the function of machines. You can acquire samples and operation skills from the test run for your references. Arrange a test run and tell us your needs via phone calls, emails or contact form below.


Do you provide counselling and advices for recipes for automatic food production?


Of course. The Dream Team of Hundred Machinery, consisted of international oil, flour, leavening agent, emulsifier and etc. suppliers, will provide professional formulation guidance and suggestions for automatic food production.


Is food automatic production suitable for beginners.


Of course. Skip the process of transformation, implementing automation to your production definitely worth the investment. Don’t worry. We have not only improved the machines but also the recipes of food products, actively developing over 15 new products every year. Saving you time and costs on researching and developing for automatic production. We provide turnkey solutions for both old and new customers with high quality food products and efficient production by multi-functional machines to boost their business.


Can I have a complete production line for my factory?


Of course. Hundred Machinery provides automatic food processing and forming machines for production lines, including pineapple cakes, mooncakes, maamoul, cookies and biscuits, steamed bun, duck bun and more. Additionally, we have experiences in constructing production lines for factory tours. Provide us your needs via phone calls, emails or contact form below for more services.


Can I have my used Rheon machine fixed or exchanged for new machines?


With techniques derived from Rheon, the pioneer of encrusting machine brand, we have mastered the skill of overhauling Rheon machines. We provide high quality reconditioned Rheon encrusting machines made in Japan and durable parts made in Taiwan. If you needed replacement for your old Rheon machine, despite models, please contact us for expertise to assist you. You could also purchase stand-alone machine or the components alone with most profitable prices.


How can I learn how to operate the machine?


After the machine arrived, we will have technician install the machine, carry out a trial run with your recipe, and demonstrate the operation, disassembling, and cleaning process for you to pick up quickly.


After-sale services and warranty


Both new machines of Hundred Machinery and Rheon reconditioned machines share the same maintenance and services with one-year warranty. We provided in-time repair service, parts replacement and technical support to ensure the productivity of your production line.

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